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Shadows in the Deep

On a dreary night, in a dilapidated seaside town, two men who have not seen each other for over a decade will reunite to face a horror that their ancestors have lain for them. Neither will come out unchanged.




An unbridled horror from the past emerges to grab hold of two friends, recently reunited having lost touch many years prior. After the death of Ben’s mother, Michael feels compelled to return something he stole from his friend’s house when they were children but the house has unfinished business with them both. Along a dark and crooked coastline, the house has sat for generations gathering a long and bloodied history; a history that needs the willpower of both Ben and Michael to acknowledge it and to become engulfed by it.

Drawn back to an era of slavery, a past that Britain would rather ignore and forget, Ben and Michael will be forced to confront their own past - as well as their ancestry - to save their lives and the souls of those that reside in the shadows. What exists in this house is not what either of them expects.


Evrim Ersoy (Writer/Director)

Evrim was born in Istanbul but has spent the majority of his life in London. After serving as script editor on the award-winning, festival favourite short film To My Mother and Father, he directed his first short, 2012’s Tokophobia, which played at a number of prestigious international film festivals including Film4 FrightFest. He co-created and directed episodes of the cult web series Daddy Cross which has spawned a master-class, which toured the festival circuit. His biggest directorial effort to date, 2014’s Abdullah, garnered rave reviews at Fantastic Fest, Sitges and Film4 FrightFest.

In addition to directing, Evrim curates films for Beyond Fest and the Boston Underground Film Festival. Recently, he became head programmer for Fantastic Fest, the largest genre festival in the U.S.A. He is currently working on several feature projects.

You can watch Evrim's short film Tokophobia below.

James Pearcey (Writer/Producer)

James started producing in 2006 on a short 16mm World War II film. He then worked on features Shot of Love and Birthday, as well as a number of short films and television programs in Australia, India and New York.

In 2008 He formed Ne’er Do Well Films with Russell Would and they went on to produce the short films To My Mother and Father, Death of a Projectionist, Daddy Cross and Tokophobia. The pair created the worldwide festival favourite Turn Off Your Bloody Phone idents. The experimental Daddy Cross web series/franchise provided opportunities for further professional growth as producers, as well as experience in writing and directing. In 2014 they produced the ambitious low-budget 35mm short, Abdullah and are currently developing a number of feature film projects.

Russell Would (Producer)

Russell formed Ne’er Do Well Films with his producing partner James Pearcey in 2008 with an aim to focus on interesting and diverse filmmakers. He has served as Post-Production Producer on a wide variety of titles including the acclaimed horror film The Borderlands, Star Wars documentary Elstree 1976 and the lauded debut of James Alexandou, The Show.

Since 2008 Russell has acted in a Producer capacity with Ne’er Do Well Films and has been steadily building an impressive body of work with films such as To My Mother and Father, Death of a Projectionist and Tokophobia - with official selections and numerous awards worldwide. Russell was also behind the festival-favourite PSA series Turn Your Bloody Phone Off which had the involvement of many genre talents including Sean Hogan, Dan Martin and Can Evrenol.

Katherine O’Shea (Producer)

Katherine undertook two film placements in 2007, handling the location archive for regional agency ScreenEast and working on set with Bruizer Creative Film & Video, before gaining further production experience as the Production Assistant for Chisenhale Gallery and City Projects during the pre-production and filming of two independent short films - Popular Unrest (Dir. Melanie Gilligan, 2010) and The Empty Plan (Dir. D. Panos A. Kirschner, 2010).

In 2013 Katherine began working as the Festival Coordinator for Film4 FrightFest, the UK’s premiere international fantasy and horror film festival, returning in 2014 to plan, implement and manage the day-to-day running of the five day event for over 900 genre fans. Having also worked for the Programme and Guest team at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival, Katherine joined Ne’er Do Well Films in 2014 as a Producer on Abdullah and is continuing to work in this capacity across a raft of projects.


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